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NCSI: Online Courses



Online Courses

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The Computational Science Education Reference Desk (CSERD)

The Computational Science Education Reference Desk, a Pathways project of the National Science Digital Library and funded by the National Science Foundation, aims to help students learn about computational science and to help teachers incorporate it into the classroom.

Online courses offered by the National Computational Science Institute (NCSI).

The National Computational Science Institute seeks to promote a better understanding of the appropriate use of computational math and science as a supplement to hands-on exploratory learning. Because of this, the Institute has created a series of online courses focusing on various aspects of science and math. In addition, the Institute provides educational resources such as include tutorials and learning-tools for teachers and students. The following is a concise summary of the various online courses and additional offerings that the National Computational Science Institute has provided for internet use.

Computational Science Course Listing:

Other Offerings by the Institute:

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