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Costs and Scholarships

  • With funding provided by the National Science Foundation through the XSEDE program, with additional funds from NCSI, there is no fee to attend any NCSI/XSEDE workshop this year.
  • Lunch and breaks during workshop hours will be provided to all participants (breakfast and dinner typically not provided).
  • While we are unable to provide housing, on request we can provide a list of nearby businesses offering lodging.
  • Subject to funding, a limited number of travel scholarships may also be available as reimbursements for receipted travel to more distant faculty interested in attending the workshops. The scholarships will provide partial or full reimbursement of travel costs to and from the workshops. Preference will be given to faculty from institutions that are formally engaged with the XSEDE education program and to those who can provide some matching travel funds. Recipients are expected to be present for the full workshop. Those interested in a travel scholarship should complete the scholarship application.
  • All other incidental expenses will be paid by participants.
Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators
This workshop focuses on how computer technology can be used to enhance and improve the educational experience of students. Non-expert college faculty will be introduced to the basics of molecular modeling through lectures followed by hands-on sessions in the computer laboratory. In addition to molecular modeling techniques, other free and low-cost visualization, modeling, simulation, and mathematics software will be introduced via hands-on activities. Participants will have time to begin development of curriculum materials for use in the classroom. Free access to molecular modeling software for educational uses will also be provided beyond the end of the workshop.
Jun 18 -
Jun 22
Georgia Gwinnett College
Lawrenceville, GA
Local Coordinators:
not specified
Lead Instructors:
Katharine Cahill and Shawn Sendlinger
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May 18
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Jun 4
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LittleFe Curriculum Module Buildout
Teams from past LittleFe Buildout events will bring their LittleFe/BCCD units to a workshop to share ideas and best practices for developing new curriculum in a "Buildout-style" assembly of new curriculum modules. We would like you and a colleague or student working directly with you on LittleFe/BCCD curriculum or classroom use to attend as a team, but this is not a requirement.
Jun 11 -
Jun 13
Durham, NC
Local Coordinators:
Bob Panoff and Aaron Weeden
Lead Instructors:
Jennifer Houchins, Bob Panoff, Skylar Thompson and Aaron Weeden
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May 11
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May 28
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