Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Computing

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Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Computing
First Look — 2009
This three day workshop focuses on computational science methodologies and the related parallel programming tools to help you tune your undergraduate science courses to the multi-core, cluster and distributed high performance computing computer architectures of the present day. The workshop is designed for undergraduate faculty to help them make changes to their science curriculum, however undergraduate or graduate students are welcome to attend with their faculty, if they are helping with this curricular process.
Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey
Jan 7 - Jan 9
Local Coordinators
not specified.
Lead Instructors
Werner Krotz-Vogel, Tom Murphy and Charles Peck
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Jan 7
Attendees are expected to complete pre-workshop, daily, and post-workshop surveys, which help the presenters tune the workshop session to the actual participants, as well as help inform future workshops.

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