Parallel Programming and Cluster Computing

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Parallel Programming and Cluster Computing
Topical — 2009
The Parallel Programming & Cluster Computing workshop focuses on techniques and tools for parallel computing. Much of this workshop concentrates on distributed parallelism (MPI); in addition, shared memory parallelism (OpenMP), instruction level parallelism, Graphics Processing Unit parallelism and hybrid shared/distributed parallelism are also explored. Participants will learn about developing, debugging, profiling and tuning of parallel applications across a variety of architectures, using tools from a variety of sources, including GNU, Intel, TotalView, and the Bootable Cluster CD. The material is designed for undergraduate faculty from a variety of disciplines who would like to add parallel computing to their undergraduate teaching and research. In addition, undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to attend alongside a sponsoring faculty member. The workshop is hands-on, with exercises in both programming and curriculum development.
Kean University
Union, NJ
Jun 7 - Jun 13
Local Coordinators
Judy April and David Joiner
Lead Instructors
Tom Murphy, Henry Neeman and Kay Wanous
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