Computational Biology for Biology Educators

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Computational Biology for Biology Educators
Topical — 2009
This workshop will introduce college faculty to various resources that can be used to prepare students to acquire computational thinking, modeling and quantitative analysis skills that have become essential to the practice of modern biology. Hands-on sessions with software for building and running dynamic models, finding sequence motifs, inferring phylogeny and predicting structure will be coupled with pedagogy and examples of integration into the biology classroom. Hands-on tutorials on first two days will focus on: NetLogo for agent-based and system dynamics modeling; MATLAB/Scilab for flexible graphing, analysis and numerical computing; Biology Workbench for bioinformatics; and Gromacs for molecular dynamics. The focus will then shift to group work to develop materials for the classroom, with additional sessions based on participant interest.
University of California, Merced
Merced, CA
Jun 7 - Jun 13
Local Coordinators
Alaena Alilin, Martha Narro and Masakatsu Watanabe
Lead Instructors
Ananth Kalyanaraman and Jeff Krause
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May 17
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