Computational Engineering for Engineering Educators

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Computational Engineering for Engineering Educators
Topical — 2009
This workshop focuses on applications of computational science in engineering and bioengineering education. The workshop will build upon earlier workshops held at SC08 Education Program in Austin, Texas and provide more in-depth work with undergraduate and graduate engineering faculty as well as interested professionals from industry. The workshop will introduce the basic competencies for modeling and simulation for undergraduate engineers and provide hands-on examples using MATLAB, Vensim, and other modeling tools. This will allow for more advanced sessions in using parallel MATLAB for signal image processing and several other possible applications, computational fluid dynamics using the Open Foam, open source package, and one or two other subareas depending upon demand.
Ohio Supercomputer Center
Columbus, OH
Jul 12 - Jul 18
Local Coordinators
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Lead Instructors
James Giuliani, Steven Gordon, Ashok Krishnmaurthy and Siddharth Samsi
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