Parallel Programming and Cluster Computing

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Parallel Programming and Cluster Computing
Topical — 2009
The Parallel Programming & Cluster Computing workshop focuses on techniques and tools for parallel computing. Much of this workshop concentrates on distributed parallelism (MPI); in addition, shared memory parallelism (OpenMP), instruction level parallelism, Graphics Processing Unit parallelism and hybrid shared/distributed parallelism are also explored. Participants will learn about developing, debugging, profiling and tuning of parallel applications across a variety of architectures, using tools from a variety of sources, including GNU, Intel, TotalView, and the Bootable Cluster CD. The material is designed for undergraduate faculty from a variety of disciplines who would like to add parallel computing to their undergraduate teaching and research. In addition, undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to attend alongside a sponsoring faculty member. The workshop is hands-on, with exercises in both programming and curriculum development.
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 5 - Jul 11
Local Coordinators
Laura McGinnis
Lead Instructors
Tom Murphy and Kay Wanous
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Jun 14
This workshop will be simulcast with the workshop at LSU, using remote telecommunication technologies, minimizing the effect of geographic distance as much as possible. Deposit for this workshop is only $100. Attendees are responsible for their own local housing.

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