Parallel and Cluster Computing

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Parallel and Cluster Computing
Topical — 2006
The parallel computing workshops will focus on using parallel and cluster computing in an educational setting as well as teaching issues in parallel computing. Examples suitable for classroom use will be presented, including both simple codes that can be made available for student modification and more complex examples that use state of the art open source community codes. Participants will be trained in the use of the Bootable Cluster CD computing environment, and will receive copies of the BCCD software for their use. Current protocols for parallel programming will be covered.
Houston Community College System
Houston, TX
May 21 - May 26
Local Coordinators
Linda Comte, Charlotte Hamilton, Doris Rousey and Douglas Rowlett
Lead Instructors
not specified.
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Apr 7
This workshop will involve parallel programming in a UNIX environment. Teams in attendance should include at least one participant with previous UNIX or Linux experience and at least one member with previous programming experience in C or Fortran.
Note: workshop ends on Friday

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